Thursday, September 18, 2008

well its been a while....

well blog world..its been a while since I have blogged... things have been a little and what not...moved back to Tahlequah...and pretty sure I have found a church home here which makes me happy..:) what else has been going on... I went to Stillwater last week to see the WeNeedEachOtherTour which was the best show I have been to in a loong time! if this tour comes thru your are GO!! umm I dont think anyone really reads this so I just am going to start using it to journal memories down..and if someone reads them then thats fine with me:)
have a great day!


ps..33Miles had a new album "One Life" came out tuesday go get it!
and if you havent head over to and find out how you can download a live album for free!

Friday, May 9, 2008


So, I havent blogged in a while....Its been a crazy last few months in my life.. I am offically done with my frist semester at NSU. Pretty exciting, I am now a JR woot woot! lol It took me forever to move all my stuff out and now my room (at home) is a mess.. I actually should be cleaning it insted of typing this blog.. anyways...
to the right you will notice I have added some people to my "blog roll" yea if you would like to be added to that list let me know... hmm what else
oh yes American Idol!
I have never watched the show as much as I have this season... and thats because there has never been anyone better than David Cook (ok a few but David is from Tulsa)
I love DC's voice and style he is just amazing!
I am sad to see Jason Castro leave...
It will probally be a showdown of the Davids
Past AI constants I like are Daughtery, Mandisa, Chris Sligh, Phil Stacy, and thats it.
I am so happy because in 6 days something very exciting happens! eekkk
I will be 21 WOOT WOOT!
yea pretty happy about that.. hopfully it will be a good day..
umm thats all I will post about...until next time
P.S. I am so excited Baseball season has started! GO CARDINALS!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We Need Each Other

ok so I really doubt anyone reads this blog but thats ok....
I just want to let someone that might read this is that yesterday was 2-12-08 and that only means one thing....

SANCTUS REAL'S "WE NEED EACH OTHER" hit store shelves everywhere! if you havent got your copy go it!! Its their best stuff yet! I have so many favorite songs on this alubm... Leagcy....Turn on the lights....Sing... Lay Down My Guns...We Need Each Other....Black Coal... shoot I flat out like the whole album!!!

i will post pictures later of me and my friend lori's journey to go get the new cd:) yea i am crazy like that! but oh well...

so quit reading this blog and go get your copy of Sanctus Real's "We Need Each Other."

Friday, February 8, 2008

More Artist are blogging...

YAY for more artist joining the blogging world

artist like this one... If you don't have his new ablum Cannons.. why are you reading this? GO GET IT! its AMAZING! He has a pretty cool new site.. you can get to his blog easy from there.

this band I just learned about when I got their CD as my CD of the month..

they are called The Fee go check out their blog...

then there is also Aaron shust who has a blogspot going...

vist him at

then there is still this band. they each have their own blogs click on the picture of me and my friend lori with them to get to their blogs

and they have an AMAZING new album titled "We Need Each Other" coming out FEB 12!!! less then a week away! I already pre-ordered it but shoot i will still go buy it that day! i cant wait for it to come in the mail!

there is still Connersvine and Mercy Me who are blogging

and cant forget one of the artist blogs I ever started reading SHAUN GROVES

there are some more I will post about later..I gotta go do some laundry

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


well as many of you may know.. I am a Patriots fan... and I am a bit sad they lost... but life will go on... and just wait till next year... but I am proud of them... they had an outstanding year!!! baseball season starts soon!!! yay!

as many of you may know today is Super Tuesday... I have been very interested in polotics ever since I can remember... I was actually talking with some friends today and I remember when Bob Dole ran... I think he went up against George H.W. Bush when he was running for his second term.... this my first election I get to vote in! I am pretty stoaked.. I actually voted saturday because I am at school and couldent drive back up there today to vote! I have the T.V. on watching all the updates on who is winning what... here in oklahoma its close between Huckabee and McCain.. Cliton is the projected winner...
well thats about it...

oh some really EXCITING NEWS!!!
I got to see and meet Gov. Mike Huckabee! amazing!! that was one of the coolest things ever! I got some cool pictures.. I will post at another time...

until next time.. I am off to watch some news:)

Monday, January 28, 2008


yup so I am a riverhawk.... School is alright... met some cool people... i really have nothing to say...but actually there is one thing.....

two weeks from tomarrow Sanctus Real's new cd We Need Each Other hits store shelves! everyone.. i mean EVERYONE should go out it buy it! Its their best one yet:)

and also check these artist who are now blogging...

amazing bands..with amazing blogs:)

gotta go get some homework done...

blogging out..

Friday, January 4, 2008

packing up....

well.... happy 2008!!! wowzers... i get to vote in my first election come feb 5!!! woot woot! oh and i am moving the day after tomarrow!!! ahhh so much stuff to do! its crazy!!! i quit my last day was yesterday:( i really am sad to leave... i loved the people there (well most of them) and am going to miss them ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

these are just a few i will miss



Vickie and Marylin

clayton....Patty...Harry and Beverly...Rita....etc

but yea dont know what else to are some pics from the branson trip....